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"Take a break. Come for a holiday. Let's reflect upon your life & yourself"

- Ashok Subramanian

"Ashok sir has a unique ability of observing and analyzing behaviors of people in a very short span of time (a rare quality not found in many trainers today), and communicating them to the participants without offending them.   He personalizes NLP for every trainee and then converses at the level of each participant. The best part about him is the space he gives to learn and observe during the workshop. A very down to earth person, who does not judge any participant but helps them genuinely to the best possible extent."
- Karan Gandhi, Senior Manager – HR , JSW Infrastructure Ltd. , Mumbai attended Ashok's NLP-i Practitioner Workshop in Mumbai during Jun 2016
Ashok Subramanian's session on NLP & Movement Therapy in the 1st NLP Conference in Mumbai, India - Nov 2019

About Ashok Subramanian :


                   Ashok Subramanian is one of the NLP Pioneers in India, who has contributed significantly to the Indian NLP Industry in the last two decades by his unique training courses. He is credited with training & handholding many new generation NLP Trainers, who are successful in India & Abroad.

Ashok Subramanian started NLP training at the age of 21, when he was pursuing engineering in Guindy Engineering College, Chennai in the year 1998. Subsequently, he pursued Masters by Research in Structural Engg at Guindy Engineering College, parallelly conducting real time training experiments with NLP & TQM in the year 2000 for workers in the Construction Industry under the able guidance of Prof. AR Santhakumar.


In 2001, he published the very first research paper in the world combining the fields of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Japanese Total Quality Management (TQM)  in the 6th International Conference on ISO & TQM (6th ICIT) @ Scotland organised jointly by Paisley Business School, Scotland & Honkong Baptist University. His research papers won him a rare accolade in the world forum and has become one of the widely quoted research work worldwide in the NLP Research Domain, ranking No.1 in google even today.


On his return from the UK, Ashok turned entrepreneur in the Training Sector and played a key role  in establishing a few international training brands such as Brainobrain, Sue Knight, UK  in India & co-hosted/co-trained a number of international NLP Foundation, NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Trainer Training Courses from 2002 to 2011 in Cherai Beach, Kerala & Manali, Himalayas attracting 100s of international participants from UK, Spain, USA, France, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Nepal, Srilanka, Gulf, Zambia, Israel, etc along with Indian delegates.



Ashok's pioneering work with NLP includes integrating models from Movement Therapy, NVC, Sociocracy3.0, Ayurveda, Music Therapy, Hypnosis & Gestalt into his training courses fine tuning them with the traditional NLP Models taught throughout the world. This has led to the evolution of NLP-integrated Practitioner Courses (NLP-I) in 2015 , which has been much appreciated by our participants. (You can read the testimonials of NLP-i Practitioner in the Testimonials page).

Many international NLP trainers from all over the world & Expert Trainers from varied domains in India are often invited as guest trainers on Ashok's advanced NLP training courses and they add different NLP flavours from various NLP Schools by sharing the recent innovations from around the world to Ashok's NLP courses run in India.


Ashok Subramanian is the first international Trainer Member from India to have joined the NLP Association in Europe. His  NLP foundation, diploma, practitioner & master practitioner certifications will be accepted by them for your membership with them.

(Ashok's NLP-i Practitioner Training @ New Delhi - Mar 2016)


Ashok Subramanian has the privilege of being directly trained by the world famous Frank Farrelly - The founder of Provocative Therapy in London during 2007. Frank Farrelly was one of the models studied extensively by Richard Bandler during the evolution of NLP in 1970s. 


NLP Pioneer Ashok Subramanian's corporate clientlist for NLP Training includes prestigious brands such as CII, Infosys - Bangalore,  Pfizer - Mumbai, Ernst & Young - Kochi, Schneider Electric- Bangalore, GlaxoSmithLine - New Delhi, Novo Nordisk, Bangalore, Standard Chartered - Chennai  & also public sector companies such as HAL Bangalore, DRDO - Hyderabad , BHEL - New Delhi , National Water Authority - Pune, etc. Ashok continues to partner with many prestigious European Training Brands developing unique NLP Courses for various Businesses.

(Ashok's NLP Practitioner Training for nfosys @ Bangalore -

Ashok Subramanian has run his training workshops in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ernakulam, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Vizag, Coorg, Yelagiri, Sikkim, Manali & Dubai & have organised many NLP Training Tours to Exotic Natural Locations for a number of years.


Currently, Ashok offers his training workshops in and around Bangalore, which is where he lives now with his wife Pria Ashok & his three children - Vipasha, Ramanan & Kadhambary.


Ashok continues to work with CEOs, Corporates, NGOs, Educational Institutions, Organic Farming Communities, Various Spiritual Centres  in helping them blossom their excellence using the various pioneering models that he has in his mental repository.


(Ashok's NLP Leadership TrTo aining during Pfizer ATo nnual Conference - 2012 , Mumbai Campus)



Video Glimpses from Ashok's Pioneering Work :


Watch our videos to know more about the kind of workshops that we design and deliver in the world of NLP.


1. NLP Training Online Level 1 with Ashok Subramanian - Participant Feedback (English&Hindi) (34 min) (new)

2. NLP Tamil Online Training - Level1 with Ashok Subramanian - Participants Feedback  (10 min)

3. NLP - Experimenting with New Beliefs - Doula, Ayurveda for Birthing/Pregnancy/ Normal Delivery - 3/3 (20 min)

4. NLP Conference India Webinar - Exploring Limiting Beliefs around Law of Attraction (The Secret) & Ayurveda - Webinar 2/3 (20 min)

5. NLP Conference India Webinar on Beliefs - Play with your Empowering Beliefs & Limiting Beliefs!  - 1/3 (35 min)

6. Watch our NLP Basic Workshop Participants explain their experience with Ashok for 2 days.

7. Watch Ashok explain Language Psychology (English Vs Tamil)  in NLP Practitioner Course

8. Ashok's NLP-i  Workshop Film - Integrating 5 different fields in 5 days @ New Delhi - 2016 (English) - 4.30 Minutes

9. Ashok's NLP-i Workshop - Participants Testimonials @ New Delhi - 2016 (English) - 4 Minutes

10. Ashok's NLP Mastery Workshop - Participants Stories @ Munnar - 2018 (English) - 5 Minutes

11. Ashok's NLP Training with Dance + Humour for Corporate Organisations @ Bangalore - 2015 (English) - 7.22 Minutes

12. Ashok's NLP Leadership Workshop for Business Entrepreneurs in Coimbatore, India - Trailer - 2017 ( Tamil ) (New) - 10.35 Minutes

13. Ashok's NLP+ Ayurveda Workshop  Trailer @ Kerala, India - 2015 (English) - 2.55 Minutes

14. Ashok's NLP Mastery Workshop - Participants Interview - 2 ( S3 + NLP Integration) @ Munnar - 2018 (English) - 6.25 Minutes

15. Ashok's NLP Training with Dance + Humour for Corporate Organisations @ Bangalore - 2015 (English) - 7.22 Minutes

More videos available @ Ashok's NLP Youtube Channel - www.youtube.com/NLPAshok


"Dear Ashok, You have the unique ability of reading people, understanding their thought process, analysing their behaviour and getting to the root cause of their issues and problems, which I witnessed throughout the course. You disseminate the key learnings through your in-depth knowledge of mythological stories, teachings of ancient Indian monks, philosophers, theologists with a blend of humour, songs and anecdotes. The messages and signals were conveyed in a very simple and candid manner, which is a very rare experience in any training course that I've attended thus far."

- Sandeep Karkera, Sales Operation & Planning Manager, Good Year Tyre & Rubber Company, Dubai attended  5 days Ashok's NLP Practitioner Course @ Jodhpur Outskirts during 2014



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Ashok Subramanian speaks at the Global NLP Summit - July 2020